Design Project
In collaboration with: Abnormal, London (GB)
TU Eindhoven
Co-designers: Jori van der Kolk and Rachelle Kraal

Currently exhibited at:

Coral is as a design exploration that demonstrates a first step towards a future of integrating bioplastics into a garment, with the help of procedural design software. Initial sample explorations with bioplastics were inspired by natural growing processes and resulted in a new found aesthetic language that was realised through embracing the unpredictable qualities of the material and manufacturing techniques.

The bio-plastic allows the wearer to take back control over their clothes by being able to choose what the garment is made from and how. The addition of procedural design software in the design process opens up more possibilities, personalization, control and creative freedom for growing organic structures, allowing the wearer to show their identity through their clothes in an unique way.

This project explores the first step towards a such a future by experimenting with bio-plastics and procedural design, both of which are not yet ready to be deployed on a large scale, but can, with practice and persistence, be used to create an unique aesthetic language and show a new take on a fashion design process.

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The neckpiece is made in the procedural design software Houdini, and realized through 3D printing and making molds which finally allowed us pour the bioplastic in these computer generated molds.

This is the recipe used for the making of the final garment and the neckpiece.

Coral in context. Picture by Bart Bolluijt. Model: Valentina Rodriguez

3D print explorations of a Differential Mesh algorithm, that facilitates the creation of grown structures

The Differential Mesh Growth algorithm recreated in Houdini VFX software

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